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Four Knights at a glance

Four Knights at a glance

Four Knights is:

  • Specialised: we are a boutique law firm specialised in dispute resolution and selected aspects of commercial law​;

  • Local, Swiss & international: we are a Genevan law firm acting in the German, Italian and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Our cases, clients and contacts span the globe;

  • Multilingual: we are fully proficient in English, French, German, Swiss-German and Italian alike;

  • Experience-based: our offering is based on the know-how of our Partners as trial attorneys, commercial lawyers and in-house counsels;​

  • Results-driven: we are a fully integrated partnership. As such, we work together in the best interest of our clients;

  • Committed: we are client-focused, responsive, reliant, resilient, dedicated and striving for excellence in all we do; and

  • Efficient & effective: our small size makes us efficient, cost-effective, fast and conflict-free. We can thus act where other law firm cannot or do not want to.

If you are interested in Four Knights' complete Mission Statement, click here.


Added value

Partners hands-on throughout: Four Knights’ experienced Partners work directly on all aspects through-out a case, ensuring that clients get the best possible value for their money;


Client ownership: We attach great importance to working closely with the client or the law firm instructing us. Whenever wished, we involve them in every step of a case, so that they retain “ownership” over the case;


Use what is already there: Four Knights endeavours to draw upon already existing know-how, resources and preliminary work undertaken by the client or their existing counsel in order to remain cost and time efficient;


Cost effective teams: Unlike larger law firms, our case teams are as small as possible. Additional know-how and/or manpower can and is engaged on a “if need be” basis only. ​


Responsive and informed: Clients talk to the same one or two lawyers throughout the life cycle of a case. These lawyers will endeavour to answer any client query within 24 hours.



Cost estimate: Whenever you entrust us with a matter, we will provide you with an initial non-binding cost estimate before engaging important costs.


We bill based on time spent: In general, our billing is based on time spent. Our hourly rates are attractive and competitive. They take into account the experience of the attorneys involved, the complexity of the assignment and its importance to the client, the values involved, the outcome of the assignment and the liability exposure.


Alternative fee models: Alternative fee arrangements are an option whenever this makes sense for the client and ourselves.


Litigation / arbitration funding: We are also familiar with third party funding arrangements and can provide the necessary introductions if required.


Monthly flat fee: Where we can act as an external legal department for clients, we offer the possibility to retain our services for a monthly flat rate, covering day-to-day smaller legal matters.


VAT, etc.: A flat-charge of 3% covering all small expenses, VAT (if applicable) and out-of-poket expenses are billed separately.


Transparent bills: In any event, clients will find our invoices transparent and detailed.

Added Value
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