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Four Knights’ Mission Statement

  • We are independent: Four Knights is an independent boutique law firm founded in 2018 by Thierry P. Augsburger and Georges Allain Schaller. Four Knights is 100 % Partner-owned and all Partners are registered in the Commercial Registry. We are not part of an exclusive network of any kind. We are and will remain truly independent.

  • We are specialists: Four Knights is specialised in dispute resolution and commercial law. We have particular expertise in international commercial and investment arbitration, commercial litigation, and selected aspects of business law with an international angle. Our know-how originates from working for some of the most reputable international and Swiss law firms or from being in-house counsels ourselves. We only do what we know.

  • We are not afraid of anyone: We are not afraid to confront the big players in the business. We usually can act where many Swiss law firms cannot due to conflicts of interest. On the other hand, we have the expertise, the resources and the audacity to assist our clients in their struggles, disputes and negotiations with the big Swiss and international players in our sectors of expertise.

  • ​Reduce to the max: It is our experience that a team of two to three lawyers can handle any dispute – even the largest ones. You do not need a large team to successfully advocate a case. We have found that most of the time a small team is the most effective way to win. It is our conviction that what matters is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog (Mark Twain).

  • Local roots, national reach, global outlook: We have our offices in Geneva, Switzerland’s international hub. Our Partners’ strong personal ties to the rest of the French - and German - speaking parts of Switzerland enable us to service clients all over the country. If necessary, we can draw upon an extensive network of trusted and tested contacts in different areas of law and adjacent industries locally, nation-wide and globally.

  • We are truly multilingual: We speak English, French, German and Swiss-German. We work, draft and argue in all of these languages with similar ease. Most of our attorneys were raised bi- or trilingual and have studied in more than one language. We are thus ideally suited to assist you in any multilingual or cross-cultural issue.

  • We are fully integrated and a participative team: Four Knights is a fully integrated partnership with a participative approach. Our Partners are not only business associates, but also friends. We foster a stimulating, friendly and open-minded work atmosphere. We firmly believe that it does not matter who in the hierarchy has had the good idea or spots a slip of pen. What matters is that the client gets the best possible product. Hence, all of Four Knights’ employees participate in the firm’s success. We believe that only this ensures that we focus 100 % on our clients’ needs.

  • Our clients are our focus: Our clients are individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), listed companies, professional associations, governmental agencies, international organisations and States. Many of them have entrusted us with solving their problems for years. We are efficient, responsive, no-nonsense, meticulous and dedicated. Being good lawyers is not only our job, but also our conviction. We leave no stone unturned and strive to deliver top-notch work. Our focus is on our client.

  • We work hard: Our raison d’être is to win cases or solve problems. Our attorneys work hard for our clients. They do not fear going the extra mile. Our attorneys do not stop when they are tired; they stop when they are done.

  • We act with integrity: We are honest, straight-forward and forthright with clients, colleagues, courts/authorities and opposing parties. While we have no inhibition to play hardball, we will never risk our reputation to win a point.

  • We believe in equality: We do not care about gender, race or religious belief. We treat others, as we want to be treated.

  • We are transparent: Our hourly rates are fair and competitive. Our bills are detailed and transparent. Within the borders of the law and the Swiss Supreme Court’s case law on the matter, we are open to conclude alternative fee arrangements where this makes sense for both the client and ourselves.

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